Suicide by Jagjaguwar

Is the vortex safe?
Who are the occultists?
What's with Monkey King?
Why did the car run out of gas?
What's up with the field of billboards?
How come there's headstones everywhere?
Why won't your friends go anywhere with you?
Who / What / How / Why / Where / When is the Jagjaguwar?
All these photographs and paintings everywhere, seriously, what gives?
Also, that art installation out in the middle of nowhere (with the baby grand). Why?


6 different endings
19 unique deaths
30+ NPCs
~a dozen or so original locales to explore
...and more!!!


The game world is ripe with unique and surprising opportunities to die while exploring and talking to NPCs. With each new life, you’ll begin to notice that subtle parts of the story are changing. 

-Game Jam Curator

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Role Playing
Made withbitsy
Tags8-Bit, Bitsy, Experimental, Exploration, Lo-fi, Touch-Friendly, Walking simulator, weird, ZX Spectrum
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen

Development log


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this is pretty dang great! i have not beat it at all yet.. and just so much different deaths.. my god.. 


Thanks for taking the time to try it out and play it!


this game is funny, ,"you fuck with the alien you die" hahahhaha, cool game mate :)

Thanks for playing!


Congratulations for making such a nice narrative experience! I can definitely see why Noah recommended it - it's weird, but for the sake of weirdness, but to explore a different kind of storytelling. I appreciate your work and I hope that some others will do so as well. :) Maybe it'll help them to read Noah's article about it or to watch our little gameplay video of it. Fingers crossed! Keep up the good work!

Best wishes,

Thanks for the video & write-up. I appreciate it!

You're very welcome, buddy. <3


There's nothing left for you to do, really. You die.
Sounds about right. lol
Clever and fun. 

Ha! Thanks for playing.


Awesome art, really fun to play!

Thank you! Took a long while to decide on the visuals. Glad you enjoyed the game. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

I'm intrigued, what did you use guys to make the game?

It's just one person: myself. I used Bitsy to make the game.