Change log


  • Fixed several typos, including several instances of "Jagjaguwar" being spelled wrong. (Only one misspelling is on purpose).
  • Changed / enhanced one of the endings (it is now much more sinister).
  • Added a brand new ending.
  • Added a few more books to Prophet Tom's library.
  • Added 3 new ways to die.
  • Added some more lore.
  • Expanded on some of the narration (by stringing together multiple shuffles)—thank you  cephalopodunk!
  • Expanded dialogue for Monkey King.


  • Tweaked some of the NPC dialogue (how it is presented).
  • Animated baby grand.

Gameplay / mechanics

  • Added a song to play on the baby grand .
  • Your car can now either be out of: oil, gas or petrol (thanks to the magic of the shuffle)!
  • Added a few additional text effects for enhanced gameplay.

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